Full Lace Wigs

What Are Full Lace Wigs

Full Lace Wigs are a unique type of hairpiece or wig ( short for periwig ), made from either human hair or synthetic hair like fiber, tied by hand to sheer lase base that you wear over the scalp.

A full lace human or synthetic hair wig are so know because of their base made entirely of lace.

There is no limitation to the hairstyle you can do as the wig will allow you to pull it into a high ponytail & other up-do’s unlike lace front wigs, though the later are more common.

The lace wig with “baby hair” – used to create a more realistic hairline, is applied with either glue or tape at the front hairline area.

What Are Full Lace Wigs

How Long Do Wigs Last

Full Lace Wigs last for weeks after application to the scalp with shampoo maintenance & styling during the duration depending on the care and how often you wear the wig, if made from human hair can be exprecred to last anything from 3 to 5 months & those made from virgin hair can last between 6 and 12 months.

How Long Do Full Lace Wigs Last

Where To Buy Wigs

You can buy Full Lace Wigs online from our Wig Store. We stock high quality Brazilian, Peruvian & Malacian hairpieces & wigs.

We offer FREE delivery anywhere in South Africa with no minimum order limit,  a 7 day return policy for a full refund & partner with secure online merchant ( XYZ ) for all online payment processing, while also offering alternative payment methods such as direct deposit & electronic fund transfer for piece of mind.

Where To Buy Full Lace Wigs

How Much Do Wigs Cost

Our Full Lace Wigs will cost you in the region of Rxx.xx for the short wig & Rxxx.xx for the long wigs.

Wigs are measured in percentages which represents the thickness of the wig. Therefore the greater the percents the thicker the wig the more expensive as a result it will be.

How Much Do Full Lace Wigs Cost